Bleak Friday

It was so sad to see the news this morning. People pushed to the ground, trampled on, small children crying, all for a £139 LED TV. As much as I love a bargain, I can’t help the feeling we are all being taken for a ride. “Black Friday”, imported from the US with mass hysteria whipped up by Walmart / ASDA, Tesco, Dixons/Currys and so on, trying to con us into buying stuff because it’s at such a knock down price. Knock down indeed.  Curry’s is having this annoying and totally fake queuing system where whether there are 20 or 90 thousand people allegedly in a queue to get onto the website you have a waiting time of 20 minutes. So, if this is real, you have had a year to prepare better capacity (the site works fine, as does PCWORLD with no queueing system!) No, this one has been left in the hands of the marketing department!  So, we are being ushered into buying stuff THEY want you to buy.  Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have much money a 40” Polaroid TV (who? What?) at £139 (half price) is of course a good deal, no question. However, if the electrical stores, supermarkets and department stores REALLY wanted to give you a GREAT Friday they would have a (proper) LG or Samsung Led TV at 40-50% off and the balls to offer, say, a 10-20% discount across the board on all electricals. Instead they just offer you discounts on stuff THEY want to get rid of or have bought in specially for the promotion. The dishonesty is just cringe-worthy and definitely not worth being trampled to death for….

Fake Queue



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