‘Twas the weeks before Christmas – and great danger lurked

A terrifying and ominous presence is lurking just below the surface in the days and weeks leading up to the Christmas 2014 season.  No-one knows who or what this presence is, but one thing is for sure: It has infected retailers, designers, buyers and merchandisers in ever greater numbers. Wherever you turn, this “thing” has decided that one of our most beloved, iconic and frankly irreplaceable and necessary beings in the run-up to this joyous time of year, should be silently and stealthily replaced with different and more alluring (?) characters. Be it on cards, printed fabrics or decorative objects no longer do we see who we need to see this time of year. Instead, a line of impostors beam out at us from every corner. We must stand together and demand that we bring back and protect:  THE REINDEER!

These days we get moose and deer EVERYWHERE. Since WHEN have THEY had ANYTHING to DO with CHRISTMAS???  Don’t get me wrong, beautiful and majestic creatures they are, but a 1000 pound moose is going to decimate the chimney before Santa has even had a chance to squeeze down it and a herd of stags will be too busy preening and trying to pull the ladies than even ATTEMPT to pull Santa’s sleigh! It’s called a stag night for a reason!

It is already upsetting that Finland has high-jacked Santa and made him Finnish living in Lapland, when EVERYONE knows he lives on the North Pole!  Retailers and advertisers have now pretty much sent the magnificent reindeer into retirement! Canon for example, tries to flog us cameras with seasonal greatings using, Yes, you’ve guessed it, DEERS!  “On, Donder and Blitzen… and BAMBI???”

Rudolph needs YOU to help bring him back into the fold, and fast. Christmas is in danger. WHO WILL DELIVER YOUR PRESENTS?

Sod the bear, in 2015 we are going on a moose and deer hunt!



Cute – but it’s a MOOSE!!!!

Oh dear 1

“…a herd of stags will be too busy preening and trying to pull the ladies than even ATTEMPT to pull Santa’s sleigh!”

Canon DEER

Canon – this is a DEER without the rein! “On, Donder and Blitzen… and BAMBI???”



That’s more like it!             M. Prinke/CC BY SA-2.0


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